The best thing about doing a Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the cause, is that it won’t cost you a thing.

  • No buying anything up front.
  • No sending kids door to door selling tickets or gadgets.
  • It doesn’t (won’t) cost you a cent. Except for your time and sweat.

Prevention Time in Federal Way, Washington knows that all to well.

They’ve done three Clothing Drive Fundraisers with Clothes for the Cause; and the reason they keep coming back is because it works.

Prevention Time is a non profit that works to help build an AIDS-free generation and to assist people affected by the virus.

African communities will be empowered to bring solutions to their own neighborhoods, that will:

Be led and coordinated by indigenous people.

Provide AIDS prevention and youth development.

Reach young people in schools, detention centers, and community groups.

Coordinate with clinics, social services, and other agencies to address medical, abuse, and other issues.

Support the needs of orphans and vulnerable children.

The group was started by Lorna Packard after her visit to South Africa in 2009. Last year, the program reached 72,000 children with AIDS education, wise choices and healthy life style choices.

Many families in Africa are disjointed and dislocated due to war, AIDS and poverty. They are trying to fill that gap. It was started in South Africa, but because it is lead by indigenous peoples and not white churchgoers their messages are better received, and applied to real life.

They have three big fundraisers: a garage sale, an auction and the Clothes for the Cause Clothing Drive Fundraiser. Packard says, “ People can contribute without having to even pay anything. We love that!”

When it comes time to collect their textiles, they take “stuffing the truck” to a whole new level. They are the only group who single handedly filsl a semi truck, and they have every year since 2014. They say, it’s like collecting free money. And the proof is in the results. Everytime they do a Clothing Drive Fundraiser, they make around $5000.

If you would like more information on this grass roots group, check out their website at

They are made up of 100% all philanthropic volunteers with no paid staff.