With all of the talk about health insurance, there’s a mobile unit in Buckley, Washington that’s doing its part to help people who might otherwise not get any medical attention.
The Mom and Me Mobile Clinic is run solely by volunteers who generously give their time to keep this mobile health clinic running. One of the ways they fund the mobile clinic is through their thrift store with all of the proceeds going right back to the clinic. Plus, the second way they raise money is through a Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause.
Prevention is their purpose. The goal of the Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic is to promote wellness by providing access to high/quality basic and preventative medical care at no charge to the under and non insured citizens of the state of Washington.

Dale Clark is the founder of the nonprofit The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic. He says that there’s troubling information about healthcare that some people may not know about. Clark says, “Currently, over 46 million American men, women, and children are underinsured or have no health care insurance. Over 15 million American women did not have a yearly mammogram due to the lack of insurance, or because they could not afford the procedure.” Clark goes on to say, that “Twenty-three percent of all adults with a chronic condition are uninsured during an average year. America does not have a health care crisis. America has a health care epidemic.” That’s why Clark decided to help families in the state of Washington and the solution he came up with is “The Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic”.

They’ve done Clothing Drive Fundraisers before, and always seem to manage to collect about 5-6,000 pounds of textiles. They try to raise that amount about every four months or so. They haven’t reached their financial goals yet, but they’re working hard to purchase their first mobile medical clinic. Each fully functioning clinic will cost about $1Million. The clinic will travel throughout the state of Washington visiting different communities and giving high quality health care to any family or individual.