The Martin Luther King High School Girls Water Polo team scored another awesome goal when they decided to do a clothing drive fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause! The team of players from Riverside, California was determined to do well in their fundraiser last February.

They were hoping to raise enough money to help pay for some of the

costs of transportation to get to their meets. They also wanted to collect enough to pay for some new nets and balls.

The team has done a clothing drive fundraiser before, and the last time they did, they raised about 3500 pounds.

These young ladies play for a very successful and competitive water polo team. It showed in their approach to fundraising too. Plus, the amount of parental support was absolutely amazing. There were 75 parents at the meeting that the event planner, Mandy Galraza, came to speak at. That’s a terrific turnout and a testament to how much they support this awesome water polo team!

On the day of the collection, it was POURING rain, but that did not deter this team. Of course it didn’t! Water polo players are used to getting wet! There were 30 girls at the school to help load the bags that they had collected, and then 10 more followed to an off sight location to help load the additional bags.

So, how much did they manage to collect? 8,990 pounds! That turned out to be worth $1348.50. Another reason for their huge success, is that this group used Facebook, a lot, to promote the collection events. What a fantastic show of support and teamwork!