When a family is affected by cancer, it is devastating. That’s why three friends in Redlands, California knew they had to do something to end this terrible, deadly disease. They are actively doing whatever they can to contribute to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research.

Doing a clothing drive fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause is their way to help cancer research and to help find a cure.

Last year, they did a clothing drive fundraiser in July and were able to raise 2,290 pounds, which isn’t bad considering onlyl three people were involved. Which is what makes this clothing drive fundraiser all that more incredible.

It was a cold and gloomy day when they went to gather their bags of clothes for the truck. Unusual weather for the desert in Southern California. These three people were so full of positive energy and enthusiasm. They were proud of what they accomplished and that in their own way, they became a part of something bigger. Can you believe that three people were able to gather 6,100 pounds? That’s $913.50 in the name of a loved one. That is truly amazing. They were working in honor of a family member who passed away. They wanted to honor that person’s legacy and do everything possible, to make a difference. You have to say, they certainly did honor their loved one’s memory. And proved, that it doesn’t take an army. Even three people can make a big difference in their community.