The High Point Church in Puyallup, WA knows a lot about community service. The church has been conducting missions in South and Central America for years. They’re primary goal is to build new home for disadvantaged families. They’ve been averaging about to per year and in the past 12 years they’ve built an astonishing 22 homes for families! And it doesn’t end there. They not only build homes, but they also help families with, medical supplies, food resources, water purification and other costs.

This past April, the group did another Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause. This part of their fundraising efforts, helps pay for the travel expenses of the mission members, which they say helps a lot.

One of the organizers, Chad Mauri and his 16 year old son, are going to Guatemala in June, where they will again help the poor residents build a home. Their April clothing drive, helped them raise about 8,620 pounds of textiles. That translated into about $1,400.

Mauri says that “Clothes for the Cause is a great organization to partner with.” He says not only is it a great resource for a Clothing Drive Fundraiser, but the organization is also there to help whether in person, by email or phone. Mauri says, CFTC is always there to help!”