Welcome to Clothes for the Cause!

We are excited to be your #1 fundraising partner. We work with schools, sports teams, churches, mission groups, non-profits, girl and boy scouts as well as families and individuals to support their fundraising efforts. Contact Clothes for the Cause today to learn more!

Who are We?


Clothes for the Cause is your number one fundraising partner.

Clothes For The Cause collects clothing and shoes and turns them into cash for your school, team or church group.

Instead of the typical fundraisers asking people to buy candy bars, flower bulbs, candles, beef jerky and lollipops, we created a fundraiser that would help out kids, help improve the environment. Clothes for the Cause is that fundraiser.


How Does It Work?

We give your group the tools you need to run a successful clothing drive. Your team will start by spreading the word to friends and family. The real success happens when they reach out to the community and neighborhoods, going door-to-door. You collect the clothes on the appointed date and bring them to the Clothes for the Cause truck. Fill the truck, and we write your organization a check!

We have all the materials that you need to run a successful fundraiser:

  1. Informational brochure to distribute to the Boosters, P.T.A., Advisory Board, etc.
  2. Information letter to parents (where appropriate, typically elementary schools)
  3. Flyer to the community explaining the fundraiser
  4. Doorhanger to remind your community of the pick up.

Is your High School Marching Band looking for a new fundraiser? We would love to share more info with you! No selling, no inventory, no limit to the amount of money you can raise.
#band #marchingband #freefundraiser Laguna Beach High School Laguna Hills High School Los Alamitos High school! Mission Viejo High School Huntington Beach High School Northwood High School (Irvine, California) Dana Hills High School
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Enjoy the longest day of the year! Happy Summer!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Summer is the perfect time for a Clothes for the Cause Fundraiser! With #garagesales happening every weekend, its a great way to get a ton of bags! People are happy to let you take whatever is leftover after the sale! Book one with us today!
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Summer fundraising is in full swing! If you are in the Southern California area and would like more information, let us know by commenting below and we will have someone call you and share more!
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Happy #NationalFlipFlopDay!! Can you donate flip flops to your CFTC clothing drive? Yes! Remember to go through your shoes when deciding what to toss in your bags.
Shoes can be heavy! Load em; up.
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