C.O.M.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.E. - What it takes for a successful clothing drive

Crystallize your communication plan with your group, who will you talk to, when, how?

Organize the pre-collection!  It is the key to success, not everyone will be able to come the day of the event, get their bags ahead of time!

Make up some fun incentives to reward top performers

Manage the bags – where will they be stored, how will keep track of how many come in?

Understand – make sure that each participant gets how many bags they have to bring in to reach the goal

Nudge – remind your participants (often!) of how many bags and when they are due. This is easy and free – but the bags can’t collect themselves….

Invite people to participate.  Everyone needs to clean their closets, you just need to ask.

Cause – remind your group what they are raising funds for. Keep them focused on the goal!

Accelerate how quickly the bags come in by using social media to spread the word outside your circle of influence

Team up!  Competitions can be motivating – do you want to have a friendly competition within your group to see who can bring the most bags?  2nd grade classes vs. 3rd grade for example.  JV  vs. Varsity…

Ensure that everyone understand exactly what can and can’t be accepted through this program….

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