Seems it never rains in Southern California. That is, unless the Clothes for the Cause truck is making a stop in Orange, California in winter maybe!

In January, the students from the Chapman Hills Elementary School wanted to raise some money for their Outdoor Education Fund. They decided the best way to do that, was a clothing drive fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause.

Their goal was to fill the entire trailer. Not an easy task.

But, these kids were determined, and they worked so hard! For weeks before the Clothes for the Cause trailer arrived, they started collecting at garage sales, and had one of the parents store the bags for them at an off-site storage. To add to their challenge, they did their collection during the record rainfall that SoCal was being pummeled by in January. They had a battle of the bags between classes at the school. They even have a gold boxing glove trophy for their efforts.

Their goal was to fill the trailer, and they did it! Clothes for the Cause had to empty it part way through the collection just to make more room.

Their efforts paid off, and these determined students collecting a whopping 10,182 pounds! What’s really cool, is that translates into $1527 for their cause. It looks like their Outdoor Education Fund, is getting a nice amount of money to keep the program going!