The Canyon Creek MOPS say they had a blast at their last Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause.
They did their last fundraiser last April in Everett, Washington, but this was no April Fools! They had a goal of raising 5,000 pounds in two months and they’re quite happy to say they collected an awesome 5,440 pounds in just 60 days.

They were raising money for their yearly conference, which they are excited to be a part of in June. So, with that collection of 5,440 pounds; they were able to bring in $816. Plus, they received a $25 bonus, bringing their total to $841!

Organizers tell CFTC that they were amazed how easy it was and so SUPRISED with the great team work from kids and parents!

They say it was fun to watch all the kids and parent laughing and having a blast loading the truck. They really did a great job and are looking forward to doing another Clothing Drive Fundraiser in the future.