The Arlington Youth Cheerleading Club has done it again! They’ve had another successful Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause.

The girls and young ladies who are a part of the club were asked to hit a goal of 7,500 pounds and they did way more than that! They collected 10,920 pounds in 3 months. If you do the math, that’s an amazing 5 tons of textiles.

Their club motto in Arlington is “Cheer Loud, Kick High, Rally and Have Fun!” That’s what they do when they team up to do a Clothing Drive Fundraiser. They are raising funds for the upcoming cheer season and the money they raise helps out everyone in their group with expenses.
How did they do it?

The team was given a minimum bag commitment of 20 bags. That helps ensure that everyone would get paid based on how many bags they collected. The group was excited and knew that they could make this happen. Each week they had a check in to get how many bags they had collected.

Organizers say that loading day was like a conveyor belt of cars and bags. All of the bags were counted as they were loaded in the truck, which worked well for the group, so that they could divide up the earnings at the end.

So, how much did they collect?

They earned $1688 for their group. They say it’s such a great way to raise money, that they’ll be back again next year.