Is It That Easy?


Great fundraising does take some effort for it to succeed.

You obviously want to make sure that your efforts yield the best results for your time. We know that the best fundraising ideas are the most simple.

We’ve identified these 10 steps as the keys to a successful event.

We’ll make it a cinch!

  • Contact a rep

  • Set up a campaign date

  • Get parents excited and create urgency

  • Spread the message via Facebook and Twitter – take the campaign viral!

  • Use discretionary prize money to create incentives that work for your group

  • Communicate the drop off date

  • The kids or family goes and collects clothes on the appointed date

  • 2-4 volunteers from your group help stuff the truck

  • Say thank you and post lots of photos

  • Cash the check

There is NO LIMIT to how much we can take.

Stuff the truck and cash the check!