Natural Ivy

Living in the inner city of Los Angeles, California is tough. That’s why Natural Ivy is doing something to improve life for everyone by building a community garden at their facility in Los Angeles, California. It’s an urban garden that the homeless population in the area can enjoy, use, and help nurture. It will not only be a project they can take ownership in, but they can enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables from the garden and help take care of it.

Last year, they decided to do a clothing drive fundraiser. They reached about half of their goal through the clothing drive fundraiser, bringing in about 3645 pounds. They were specifically using the money raised to pay for the water system. The clothing drive and its donations definitely helped them reach their goal for the water system.

The mission of Natural Ivy Foundation is to help end poverty and improve the lives of at-risk youth and their families. They do this by providing education, social awareness, community support and promoting healthy living. Creating the urban garden is just one of many projects they are involved with to help their community. Natural Ivy Foundation believes that in order to truly stop poverty and end hunger, you have to first assist with basic needs such as food and shelter. However, an essential element in eliminating the re-occurrence of these social ills is educating the people who are affected in a loving nurturing environment.