Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout slogan, which has been used since 1912, is “Do a good turn daily.”* That’s exactly what the Girl Scouts in troop 43626 in Everett, Washington embody. They decided to do a Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause in February, because the young ladies are raising money for a trip to Europe in 2019.

Their original goal amount was 5,000 pounds. However, as they quickly topped that figure, they decided to try to reach the next level. Soon, their storage unit was almost filled to the top. Tossing those heavy bags up was quite a job and many moms talked about having to grunt and holler to really get them up there and then hope nothing fell back down on them. Thank goodness those bags are soft! While he was collecting bags of clothes, one of the Girl Scouts’ dad was asked by a co-worker if he was homeless after seeing all of the bags in his car. Ultimately, the families enjoyed connecting with the community and working with friends and neighbors to help everyone clean out their homes and donate to our trip. Each girl gets a portion of the profits for their trip, based on how many pounds she collected. So, it really gave everyone a strong incentive to collect as much as possible. The scouts are so excited to go to Europe, and events like this help them realize their goals as well as keep them focused on their core values.

Finally, it was collection day. When their first pickup was weighed, it came in at 11,460 pounds, which was just short of their goal of 13,000 pounds, so they collected more. At their second drop off, the load weighed 1560 pounds for a grand total of 13,202 pounds! Not only did they reach their goal, but they surpassed it and even received a $50 bonus on top of it! That’s right. You get a $25 bonus for every 5,000 pounds you turn in to clothes for the cause.

How did they do it?

A Girl Scout is also a G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)*. The girls achieved success with lots of help from friends and family. Parents also did a lot of picking up and storing bags until they had a storage unit.
Public Storage off of 128th in Everett gave them a great deal on a storage unit. This is the second time they’ve helped the Girl Scouts, and they are looking forward to helping out again in the future.

Ivy, Maddy, Cassidy, Emma, Mia, Ella, Sienna, Hailey, Kailey, Mira, Sydney and their moms are super excited to travel to London, Paris, Florence and Rome in the summer of 2019 for what will surely be a trip of a lifetime.**

*Information from the Girl Scouts of USA website
**GSUSA does not allow the use of last names for privacy and safety reasons.