CCCI Los Angeles

We hear a lot about crime, devastation, and tragedy among communities in South Los Angeles. That’s why it’s nice to hear about the success stories from leaders and groups in the community who are dedicated to improving the well-being of people in the community.

Last year, the Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) decided to do a clothing drive fundraiser to raise money for the organization.

Clothes for the Cause has worked with CCCI for 2 summers now. Last August they stuffed the truck with more than 9,270 pounds of textiles, which brought them $1440!

South Los Angeles has several disadvantaged communities and they raise money to give back to help the overall health, education and well-being of the people in need in their community. CCCI works hard throughout the year to assist people in their community who are less fortunate. During the summer collection event, not only did they stuff the truck, but they had a ton of hard working, caring and dedicated volunteers there to help. They exuded positivity!

Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, education, and well-being in South Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

In 1978, Dr. Carl C. Baccus, father, innovator, humanitarian, and community leader founded Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) with the mission to promote health, education, and well-being in South Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

Spanning over 35 years, CCCI has been involved in educating over 1200 children through the former New Focus Christian School, feeding thousands through food programs, educating hundreds through seminars, and supporting area youth with scholarships. This effort has been supported by the founder Dr. Baccus and has been recognized by many city, county, state, and national figures including Bernard Parks, Maxine Waters, the Hahn family, Diane Watson, Tom Bradley, and Mark Ridley-Thomas.