Beaumont Cheer

Can I get a C? Can I get an F? Can I get a T? Can I get a C?
What does that stand for?

Clothes for the Cause!

The cheerleaders in Beaumont, California know what it spells, because they’ve done a Clothing Drive Fundraiser before. The first time they did a fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause, they collected 4,150 pounds. That was back in March, 2016. This time, it was important for these competitive young ladies to beat their previous attempt!

While they were collecting their bags of clothes, their energy was always high and super positive. This group of cheerleaders and parents, used social media to the fullest extent they could, which is a great way to get the word out about your event. They shared their Facebook post hundreds of times over and over. They really worked the community to get their donations. They were even willing to drive to people’s homes and do porch pickups, which really helped contribute to their success.

So, how did it turn out? It was an awesome effort. They beat their goal by $1000! They collected 6,260 pounds of textiles. The young ladies were very proud of their win and to make it even sweeter, they won the $500 Rebook promotion!

All of the money they raised, goes right back into the program and pays for the cost of cheer competitions and camps.