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CCCI Los Angeles

We hear a lot about crime, devastation, and tragedy among communities in South Los Angeles. That’s why it’s nice to hear about the success stories from leaders and groups in the community who are dedicated to improving the well-being of people in the community. Last year, the Concerned Citizens Community Involvement (CCCI) decided to do a clothing drive fundraiser to raise money for the organization. Clothes for the Cause has worked with CCCI for 2 summers now. Last August they stuffed the truck with more than 9,270 pounds of textiles, which brought them $1440! South Los Angeles has several disadvantaged
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Siena Elementary

The awesome students from Siena Elementary are at it again! The kids from Meridian, Idaho decided to do a second Clothing Drive Fundraiser with Clothes for the Cause after having so much success with the first one. Last year, all of the money they raised went towards “Coats for Kids”. This time, they decided to again donate 100 percent of their profits to the community. This time, they picked the “Weekend Backpack Program” as their charity. It’s a program that gives backpacks of food to send home with students over the weekend who may go hungry without it. They wanted
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Natural Ivy

Living in the inner city of Los Angeles, California is tough. That’s why Natural Ivy is doing something to improve life for everyone by building a community garden at their facility in Los Angeles, California. It’s an urban garden that the homeless population in the area can enjoy, use, and help nurture. It will not only be a project they can take ownership in, but they can enjoy delicious fruits and vegetables from the garden and help take care of it. Last year, they decided to do a clothing drive fundraiser. They reached about half of their goal through the
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