We all have unwanted clothes that are either worn out, or no longer fit. Instead of throwing everything into the trash where it will simply add to the landfill, turn your old clothes into cash by running an easy and profitable clothing drive.

A special one-day collection event can make a big difference! We’ll work with your team, youth group, or club to set up, promote, and manage your eco-friendly textile collection drive, making it as simple and fun as possible.

Unlike other fundraisers which require people to write checks or donate lots of time coordinating, this event costs the community nothing. Your group reaches out to their circle of influence, especially via Facebook and Twitter, and ask for old clothes and shoes that are no longer wanted or needed, you pick them up, bring them to our truck and we write you a check! It’s effortless and free for the community to support your team or group.

EVERYONE has old clothes, shoes, towels, sheets or bedspreads that they want to get rid of.

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